i wonder if i’ve ever like??? ?made someone honestly jealous?????????????? its such a weird thought???????



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If you smell something too much will it stop smelling? Like you sniff all the smell particles up your nose? Do girls stop smelling good if you smell them too much? Is that why people get divorced?

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Ii MMMM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited 4 la roux …… im so ready…….

went 2 mcdonalds + got a burger instead of nuggets 4 literally the first time ever



Hey look it’s me lol 

wow this post has a lot of notes lol


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theres this other dress frm new look + its perfect but it’s like £50……. i guess i’ll just have to see how much i get this month 

ok………. i can start getting excited about halloween again……… i found a good replacement dress 4 halloween……… its one of those skater dresses w/ the mesh panels @ the top …….. its rlly cute