i’m nervous about this interview but if theres somethin i’m good @ it’s bullshitting my way thru things……… and i have my interview folder i put together of all my achievements and my strengths/weaknesses + stuff like ……… once i do this research i’m gonna be unstoppable ……..


Today’s Gender of the day is: Business.

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the guy from the store wants me to do some research on ‘customer service’ so i can pass this interview???? idk what tht means but i am going 2 try my hardest…..

i need 2 like……….. start getting christmas presents 4 people ………. i want to go all out this yr……….


lots of people have made comments about wanting to cosplay the maid jane, aradia and porrim so i thought i should post these references+breakdowns too

i kinda wanna change aradias color scheme so it matches the way the other color schemes work but not today

i got a new phone yesterday lol………. if u want my number just drop me an ask w/ urs and i’ll give it 2 u


Tom Haverford going “Nooooo!”: A Supercut

for like the past two nights i’ve had the same dream where im like… @ this tattoo place and like my teeth just suddenly start falling out ….. and then i get a tattoo and i wake up ????????


etsy understands me

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