we’re cleaning and we just dismantled the remaining bit of my bed frame and i was moving it and there was a big bbq sauce splodge on the back of my headboard 


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

"For an underachiever, you sure did well."

all i want to do is pet my dog and eat good food

someone on my old fb account just liked the page ‘having sex selfies’ . nice

im so tired i just watched a vine and it was like a minute long i need 2 sleep

laughs at the people getting pissy abt the male tears mug on amazon when there’s literally dozens and dozens of versions of that shitty ass ‘cool story babe, make me a sandwich’ tee and lots of other sexist junk bein sold on the same site and also all over the entire fuckin internet

i cant believe im crying abt parks and rec

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